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Our company has been established for 20 years, but recently relocated to Quebec.

The models for our barrel racing saddles have been created and tested by professional barrel racers and trainers to obtain a quality saddle that is comfortable for the horse while allowing the rider to maintain a correct position.

Saddles are available in two tree widths, semi quarter bars and full quarter bars. We welcome everyone to come and try a 7 Saddle. We have many saddles in stock, but if you would like a personalized saddle, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

We offer many differently styles and encourage each and every person to choose their unique saddle!! 7 Saddles also offers super lightweight neoprene saddles from Brazil!

Message from our exclusive supplier

The Sicilian number one in Brazil has partnered with « Seven Saddle » to bring to the North American Industry barrel racing saddle high quality at an affordable price. All saddles are handmade. Every detail is made by a master craftsman.
This also means that your saddle is unique. The Saddle are in Brazilian leather from cattle breed Nelore in Brazil. These cattle have thick and soft leathers that help them stay fresh and free of insects in tropical countries and gives the same benefit.

The lower part is made from Brazilian wool and is very durable. But the most interesting part is the « tree. » It is made from tree Itauba.

This tree is incredibly durable and lightweight, so you get a saddle that has a « tree » in incredibly strong wood. Contact us today to try these innovative stool. They are beautiful, extremely comfortable with large, wide seat, they are durable and unique.

They also come with a matching tinker and a neoprene strip so you get a little more for your dollar.

So do not miss it!

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